Louisa @ bulb please could you help me again.

Hi Louisa, I sent an email to help on 11/07/2019 but did not get a reply!

you sorted out my meter readings a while back but it seems to have reverted back to the original problem. Here is a copy of your email to me which sorted out the problem for me.
I do send in a pic of 02 meter reading but seems to be ignored
you now have 02 meter reading at 2433 .

Hello Anthony

Thank you for the pictures. Yes, rate 2 (214) is the reading we were looking for. This reading is actually lower than the opening estimated reading we received (225). We can’t dispute this reading with your previous supplier anymore, so I will enter 225 for today as well. This means you are only being charged for the night usage when you go beyond these 225.

I am now submitting the current readings (R1- 8336 & R2 - 225) and we will issue a correct bill for you.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

All the best