Low battery on gas meter

I am switching to bulb and as I had to get a meter reading rather than using a smart meter, I checked the display on the gas meter, it says low power.
Who would I contact to replace the battery as I am assuming it’s in a locked unit as it’s on the gas meter

Heya @Suzy. We are unable to change the battery on a gas meter but we can certainly get the meter replaced. Given that it has not run out yet, I suggest giving a call on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm). One of our team can organise a time in the near future to get the meter exchanged for you.

Thanks Eleanor that’s really helpful I will call tomorrow

Out of interest @“Eleanor at Bulb” : is the ‘whole meter replacement on dead batteries’ just for SMETS1 meters or will it also be the case on SMETS2 meters when they eventually arrive? (I understand that for security reasons, the battery probably won’t be ‘user replaceable’ and that it’s a non-standard one anyway that’s meant to last ten years).

Hi @RichyB

SMETS2 will have the same battery set up as SMETS1 meters from our understanding.

I think it’s the batteries being faulty when being installed that is the problem as the battery should last the 10 years mentioned, if they were at full capacity when installed.