Low User -100.00 sign up credit -dd refund

Seemingly forced to make 1st direct debit payment despite 100.00 sign up bonus being added to account, single occupier very careful what I use, not had any heating on since I moved to property nearly a week ago, how do I go about having 1st direct debit payment refunded please.

Hi @cooldude53, if you go into your account page (Bulb account) and can confirm that your balance is considerably higher than your monthly payments, then just contact Bulb to request a refund of the difference (0300 30 30 635).

Or temporarily reduce your monthly payment to something lower until your credit has reduced. You can do this from your account dashboard without having to contact anyone. Either option achieves the same result.

Thanks for replies, when I tried to reduce monthly payment to 5.00 "Great stuff. We’ve changed your payments to £5.00.

Your next payment will be £56.75 on 1 March." stated monthly payment would be the same next month, must be cold weather frozen monthly payment lol

Just out of interest if someone was to switch away from BULB would they receive complete refund of sign up bonus and DD payment in, less energy used

@cooldude53, they would receive a complete refund of whatever’s left in their Bulb account after the final bill.

Direct debits and referral bonuses both top up that Bulb account credit.