Lower my bills

I live in a two-bedroom flat my bill seem to be quite high for a two bedroom flat I have new double glazing as well and a combi-boiler just wondering if anybody’s got any tips to how I can lower my bills I am an average person with the average electronics

More info would be helpful, is it occupied 24/7? etc. Is it off during the day?
What part of the bill is high, gas or electric?
It all depends on how you use it, switch off boiler say an hour before you go to bed that saves 7 hours of usage a week. Lower the temp by a degree or more as far as you are still comfortable… Switch radiators off in any rooms not used.
Then things like stopping drafts and thicker curtains etc.
Dont leave electrics on standby overnight, I use cheap timers that turn electronics off at midnight and come back on at 8 am.