Major Account Billing Issue

Hello everyone if anyone could help with this I would be very grateful

I have been a Bulb Customer for approximately 2 years and to begin with everything was relatively OK. I live alone in a small 1 Bedroom Apartment and all I have is Electricity.

In the first year according to my Account Statements my average Daily usage was 8kWh/day, this has also recently been confirmed by Bulb. I haven’t checked yet but from memory my Monthly Direct Debit was in the region of £30 per month. I hardly use any Electricity; I have never ever turned on the Heating, during the Day all I use is my Laptop and 4 Halogen Lights, in the evening I either use the Microwave or the oven to cook relatively quick meals.

For the better part of this Year so far my Monthly payments have increased from approximately £30 per month to £90 per month. On my last Statement it says that my Daily usage has now increased to 97 kWh/day (£ 27.56/day) up from 8kWh/day when I have not changed my Electricity usage ever.

They also have told me I am currently £824.28 in arrears, I have never ever been in arrears before and I this this is just crazy.

I am at a loss to know what to do about this and I have no wish to call Bulb and give them anymore of my Money at the moment.

What should I do?



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Just been on Google and found this:


What is the average electricity usage per day in the UK?

The average kWh per day in a UK household is between 8.5 to 10 kWh. Many elements can influence your average energy consumption and how much you pay for your electricity – including the equipment that you use.

I’m being charged 97 kWh/day (£ 27.56/day)!!!

I am in the exact same situation. Calling bulb every week! Different staff taking on the issue but doing NOTHING about it. We have cancelled our direct debit as bulb have no wishes to help us even though we paid our bill every month but have said for one month alone we owe £900 when we live in a one bedroom flat.

Opened a case with the ombudsmen. Bulb is a joke of a company. We are now getting threatening letters and they have said they have been contacting us for 5 weeks and we haven’t responded when we have been calling, emailing and using their ‘chat’ since last November.

It’s the customers that are getting hurt due to bulb being a joke of a company.

So sorry to hear your in the same boat, as if life wasn’t hard enough :frowning: