Making an additional payment

I’m new to Bulb (as of yesterday) and had my first Direct Debit payment taken on the 3rd April. I’m more than happy to pay for energy in advance and my monthly figure equates to around one twelfth of my estimated annual use. So all is fine. For household budget reasons, it suits me to pay bills mid-month, so I changed my DD date to the 15th and was duly informed my next DD payment will be 15th May. As this is roughly a 6 week period, can I make an additional advance payment to Bulb, to take me up to my new monthly cycle date? I’d rather Bulb didn’t start changing my monthly DD figure simply because I ran into the red before my next DD came out.


You are able to to top up your account.

If you go to your account dashboard at: Bulb account and then select “Payments & statements” you will see a “Top up balance” button.