Making Bulb better - share your ideas with us

You are the experts in knowing what you want. In fact, your ideas have been some of the best we’ve had. For example, paying exit fees and referral credit were ideas inspired by you.

The Community is a great place to share what you think we can be doing to make things better. Or just things that would be cool. Here are some previous suggestions:

  • Snooze meter reading reminders
  • National Heat Map of Bulberino’s
Let us know what else you think we should be doing to make Bulb that little bit better.

I’m not sure how financially viable it would be but with the government’s FiT and export tariffs closing next year could Bulb members with small generators (such as rooftop solar PV) perhaps become part of Bulb’s generating community to get something for exporting to the grid?

When I look up my current tariff, or receive notification of a change, I’d appreciate the figure being quoted ex-VAT, and to the the same number of decimal points that you use to produce your statements.