Managers don’t call you back

Been waiting for smart meters for 2 years !! 3 failed appointments no compensation recv managers won’t call me back. Still no appointment. And also why can’t I see gas usage online

I notice everyone has been answered but me :joy:

Hi @sarahxxwood and welcome to the community :wave:

I’m sorry that we haven’t responded to your post until now.

As you are on a prepayment meter the only way we can reimburse for the missed appointments is via a Wise transfer. My colleague is currently working on this for you.

You won’t be able to see your usage online as your meter aren’t yet smart meters. As soon as we are able to book an appointment for you the option will appear in your Bulb account.

– Robyn :bulb:

I appreciate that it’s been looked into however when I joined almost 3 years ago you said I could get smart meters. I’ve patiently waited till October we are now 3 missed appointments in and still no time or date for when I will get new meters. I’ve had to take 3 days off work for people just not to show up. I’ve been waiting for a manager call back since 26th January and a manger response to my emails since 6th January, how is this acceptable. In regards to the compensation for missed appointments I’ve been constantly told since October 10 working days, again just not acceptable. I’ve had credits from transfer wise before so I no how quickly this can be done. The most terrible part of all this is the service from bulb !

Hi @sarahxxwood

I appreciate that this is frustrating and I can only advise as per my team.

I’m sorry that you haven’t received a call back from a manager. Would you like me to request this for you now? These are often made within 48 hours so will most likely be Monday now.

– Robyn :bulb:

Eeee god well yes I’ve been waiting and last 2 days yous have told me 5 wkd for manager call back do you’d even no or not

Bulb has no ‘managers’, just a huge team of thoroughly trained fraudsters.

Still no call back absolutely disgusting service

Hi @sarahxxwood

I’m really sorry you were waiting for a callback. I can see a manager has now been in touch and is working to get this resolved for you.

– Meg :wave:

I agree it is a farce no one ever calls back. Instead of solving my problems they have now referred me to ofgem. This seems to be their only problem solving capability. Hate to be one of their customer service people as they appear to have no authority nor systems to resolve problems or they are lost as one never receives a response