Managing Air sourced heat pump electricity supply and payments.

I only have electricity in my eco home. The pattern of usage is such that in the winter we use over average amount of Electricity whereas in the summer this should drop to almost nothing. My last bill tells me I have used £400 of electricity in the last month. I do not understand this

@jaloremi, with the breakdown that Bulb put on your bill, you have the power to establish what’s going on.

If the readings are estimated, then this will be why your bill states you’ve used so much.

If you’ve been submitting readings regularly so they are correct on your bill then you’ll need to play “hunt the power draw”. If you can’t find anything that has used that energy then there’s a slim possibility that your meter is faulty and you can get Bulb to check it (there’s a >£100 charge if they find nothing wrong though).