Managing multiple homes under one Bulb account

Hi Everyone! My team and I are super pumped about joining the Bulb community - we love the vibe and fully support your renewable energy mission and your open customer centric model … Plus Bulb being a B Corp is fantastic! Looking forward to participating. :slight_smile:

We own several houses (we are landlords) in a UK Limited Company structure. How can I set things up to manage multiple properties on 1 account? I assume I am not the first one to ask this but I haven’t found anything searching online! I really hope you can help.


I signed up another one of our houses using a referral link and used all the same “sign up” information I had for the previous house. As I finalised the enrolment and clicked “next”, the website asked if “it knew me” and offered for me to use my previous login details. (I assume it would therefore be using the same account!)

When I log into my account though, I only see one property. (…) Help!

You can apparently have more than one property on a My Bulb account although I’ve not tried it personally.

If you need someone not affiliated with your company to submit meter readings (like a tenant) then that might fall down a little though.

Sending Bulb an email ( or jumping on the live chat on the website tomorrow might be your best bet though to discuss technicalities of how things would/could work.

THANK YOU @mowcius !!!

Hey @stu_as , good question! If you want to manage multiple properties with Bulb, you absolutely can. You’ll have one overall account and login (email address and password) for all properties. This means when you login to your MyBulb, you’ll simply have a drop-down list of the properties to toggle between.

That bit you mention at the end of the sign-up journey is just a login to connect the properties. So just enter the login details for the property you’ve previously registered.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this and thanks for the great feedback :slight_smile: