Manual entries on account

Last month you changed me to a variable account and appeared to say that my DD was now variable. It would seem the DD is fixed, but has increased, which I am ok with. However during the month you have made some manual entries to my account showing a much lower reading for gas and electricity, and resulting in a credit balance. i have today tried uploading the correct entries and it has said that it needs photos which have been sent. Is there an explanation for all this please, as it is quite frustrating?

Bumping this as I was hoping for a response from one of the Bulb team

Hey @nickd Thanks for your post and welcome to the community :wave:

Sorry about the readings issue, that is rather odd - we have removed these for you. These look like they were added in error so we do apologise about that. This will update the billing correctly for you.

Sorry again.

–Carl :bulb:


Can you tell me when the updates will apply from please as they are still showing under energy usage and the new readings that I submitted at the weekend (with photos) are still not showing
Many thanks