Manual top up payment

Tried online top up, it failed. Tried over the phone it failed.

Always keep my account in credit before the next statement is generated. Not this month!!

Am I frustrated. I sure am…

Bulbs inadequacies to ensure how Stripe is setup so that it collects payments correctly, even when the banks have given enough warning of the latest authentication requirements, has made it a nightmare to pay.

DD I’m not setting up again. Just ridiculous as to how it was being calculated, with the ‘robot’ asking for way too much.

Asked for bank transfer details. HSBC can’t verify the payee details when I try to set it up and Bulb don’t appear in the company list that HSBC have either. Red flags!!

Something needs to done so that customers can pay bills. It’s not rocket science. Get your Devs onto the issue and get the authentication to work!!

Before anyone asks, no issues with my HSBC account or my debit card. Checked and verified all ok by HSBC.

Awaiting a reply for the issue but thought I’d raise it here too.

One mess up after another. Think I’ll be asking for a final bill soon and moving away from Bulb.

Please read this post to the end before dismissing it. If you do not have a DD in place you should have a message on your account saying you need to set up payment method. Clicking it reveals a DD application form.

Fill in the form.

You will now get a message saying you need to set up payments - opening the message invites you to confirm the date and agree to the payment amount shown.
DO NOT CONFIRM, this new DD defaults to a variable DD where Bulb can only take what you owe 14 days after statement date. The message asking to set up payment remains on your account. Your statement date does not change.

I have done this, it works and you will not be hassled by Bulb - they have said on previous threads that this is acceptable.

BTW energy firms are not accepting new customers except on very expensive fixed terms at the moment.

Thanks for your reply.

However it still doesn’t address the issue that I have. That being making manual one off top up payments.

The setup of Stripe by Bulb does not work. If fails to ask for confirmation, hence the card being declined.

Will be calling Bulb again today.

Hi @boobster72 :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

I am sorry to hear you are having issues making a one-off payment to us. The option @geevo41 suggested should mean you don’t come across any issues such as those you have outlined.

The variable direct debit means you only pay for the energy you use each month and so the account won’t build any excess credit.

I have sent you an email with a link to pay for the current outstanding amount on your account and so if you wanted to discuss the variable direct debit at all then please get back to me there.

– KT :bulb:

Thanks Katie. Have replied to your email.

I’ll re-iterate the issue again. I can’t make a payment or top up using my HSBC card due to Stripe not authenticating correctly with HSBC.

The variable DD option seems ok however keeping my account in credit or topped up is impossible due to authentication failure.

I look forward to an email reply.