Mark 2 Wholesale gas prices have halved recently, when will Bulb customers see gas prices reflect this?

Anyone else noticed that the original thread of this title has suddenly disappeared from the forum?!?.. Any comments @William_at_Bulb? It appears as though you’re the one who has “unlisted and closed” the thread.

Could it be that either:

  1. The announcement of a price decrease is imminent? (Though surely that’s no reason to close the thread).


  1. Bulb have decided they don’t like the content of the thread and have therefore removed it from public consumption??

Either way, not a good look for an “open and honest” forum!


Looks like @William_at_Bulb unlisted, closed, and archived that thread this morning.


It’s Bulb’s community, they can do what they like, but it’s not a good look, is it?



I think Bulb customers should complain. I’d recommend using Resolver to send off your complaint. Might also be worth complaining to the ASA, as Bulb’s advertising of “fast down, slow up” is now shown to be a blatant lie

And I suppose I should also expect this comment to be ‘vanished’ too


Or, there’s not going to be a price decrease and William has had to go and see the Headmaster with a book down his trousers.



(filler text … if anyone wants a So Energy referral let me know …)

I was the original user who started that wholesale gas thread a couple of weeks ago:

Thanks for highlighting that it was closed by Bulb and starting a Mark 2 version!

I am extremely disappointed that Bulb would do this to a thread that was clearly relevant and still live with new responses by other users every day since I asked by original question about when Bulb gas prices will be reduced.

When will we ever get a response to that original question I wonder?? We were promised “very soon”!


Hi everyone,

The thread is back online. We’re sorry about it’s brief disappearance.

As many of you had suggested, it was unfair of me to suggest such an urgent announcement when I was not 100% confident of the release date.

I wanted to clarify a few things with my colleagues before continuing discussion on the topic - I now recognise that an abrupt unlisting of the topic, was certainly not the best way of doing this. My apologies for this.


We don’t blame you personally William as you don’t dictate company policy, but “very soon” and “soon” as well as being somewhat vague are becoming very tiresome and wearisome, not to mention irksome One wonders if you(the company) receive royalties for its use. PLEASE STOP until you have something a little more precise

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Hi @skippy64,

This was more of a shortfall on my part, rather than company policy.

I thought that it really was “soon”, but unforeseen circumstances meant that this was simply not true.

Myself, and others at Bulb, get very excited about the work that we’re doing and want to share it, especially when we’re working on issues that are important to you.

I completely agree with your feedback though and will refrain from using “soon” in the future. Instead, I’ll only post a timeframe if I’m confident of the date. :sweat_smile:

Thanks William

But the problem is you’re not sharing.

Energy Price watch blogs used to be posted fairly regularly. It would be insightful to know why you’ve not reduced Gas prices at all when the wholesale price has halved since the last blog.

Would love to know what the “unforeseen circumstances” were…


Extremely unlikely that we will be privy to that information

I would rather a statement stating Bulb’s position on this rather than an apology from a scolded employee. If they don’t make an announcement regarding this, by tomorrow I’m off! I’ll take a chance on the SMETS 2 meter working.

Let me know if you need a So Energy referral, their gas rate has dropped again today :smiley:


I would also let you know if I wanted a SO Energy referral. Slight problem in my case, my switch to another supplier happened 2 days ago.



I’m also in the process of switching my gas to so energy.

Phone was answered in less than 1 minute.

They only have the one rate I’m told and it is the so alder one. They say Customer service is their priority, hopefully this will be so as well as low gas rates.

Appreciate your advice in the past, many thanks.

I’m truly sorry to leave Bulb who really started so well but “penny wise pound foolish” is the order of the day for us.


Well that’s a blatant lie if they told you that.

What they mean is they have only one rate for new customers to sign up to. But they have multiple tariffs running concurrently for existing customers. Like other suppliers, if they release a new tariff announcing a price change existing customers do not get it unless they ask to switch to the new tariff.

I started out on So Yak. A month and a bit later they released So Acorn, which works out about £40 per year cheaper for me than Yak. I asked to switch to it, and they were happy to move me but did require me to pay the £5 exit fee. They’ve now, just a week after I switched to Acorn, have released the Alder tariff which is very slightly cheaper again. I believe they should switch me to this without the exit fee, given that I’m still within the 14 day cooling off period of the last tariff switch, but we’ll see.

What an absolute pain in the ass. At least with Bulb they do genuinely have only one tariff, and when that tariff changes it affects all customers at once. None of this faffing about checking to see if you’re still on the cheapest tariff being offered. On the plus side of course, my tariff is fixed for 12 months so if the price goes back up I don’t get the increase. Swings and roundabouts.

It’s annoying, but what else can you do. The savings are too big to ignore. We just have to suck it up and play the game.


Appreciate the info, thank you.

I do not like change but lack of bulb reps on here responding like when I first joined also a tad worrying. Obviously the gas price “freeze” of concern.

Staying for electricity as reasonable at present but will continue to monitor.

Personally I think they may have expanded too quickly and with the USA opening may have over extended themselves, it appears they certainly do not have sufficient trained staff now for the volume of customers sadly.


@Hooloovoo I feel your pain too. I know its annoying that they keep reducing their prices and coming out with a new tariff with a £5 exit fee charge.

But like you said, if your welcome letter is within 14 days of the new one then the £5 exit fee is waived.

But I’ve lost so many friends to other supplies due to Bulb not reducing the prices especially gas.

So energy dropped there gas prices again, I think I’ve been on 6 or 7 new tariffs in 6 months! Even with the exit fee charge for gas, it still better as the unit rate is lower.

If anyone wants to move to So energy, I would suggest moving only your gas supply.

Tarrif So Alder

Unit Rate: 2.32p per kWh
Standing Charges: 22.05p per day

If anyone wants a referral link, I will pay you an extra £5 so £45 to switch.

Tip you can switch to the new tariff with 14 days without a £5 exit charge.

@JoMar said they do pick up in minutes which is amazing even though Bulb used to be great at this too. They just need to recruit more staff.

However Bulb quite competitive for my electricity so ill stay on that supply but need to start updating their blogs like they used too otherwise it will be hard to get new customers or keep them.


Have you considered Octopus. They’re basically Bulb’s nearest competitor, offering 100% renewable elec & (optionally) 100% carbon neutral gas. They’re pretty much the same price and their customer service is much better than Bulb’s

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Prices vary by region eg here in the West Mids it’s 2·41p and 22·05 SC.
I’ll be applying to So on Monday (to keep the billing cycle to within a day or two). It’s only a small saving on electricity, but I prefer not to have two separate companies to deal with.
Overall saving will be £146 pa, about £11 more than if I’d gone for Acorn a few days ago. :grinning:
What was it Bulb used to say about tracking the market? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: