Mark 2 Wholesale gas prices have halved recently, when will Bulb customers see gas prices reflect this?

To be fair to Bulb, for the last couple of months this smart meter has been working fine.


This is indeed a bit of a concern, and hopefully they will be compatible with one another as both would be SMETS2.

However, with that said I’m less concerned with the Gas meter being smart as between the data provided by our Nest thermostat and checking my monthly So.Energy statement. The only thing the Gas smart meter provides is a bit of convenience. The electricity meter being smart is far more essential for us at present so that we can benefit from TOU tariff.

Good to hear that at least some people have working SMETS2 meters from Bulb. Though too my knowledge can Bulb members with a SMETS2 meter still not move to the Bulb Smart Tariff? Whether you would choose to take that risk with all the Smart Tariff billing trouble is another matter. A significant reason I’m opting for the Octopus Go tariff.

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As of right now that’s still correct, yes.

I assume that Bulb’s own SMETS2 meters wont be smart tariff compatible until they have their new platform online, at which point SMETS1 smart tariff customers will also be migrated across. Just a guess though.

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I’ve been with Bulb since September but am already considering moving. Money saving expert cheap energy club send me alerts on reducing energy costs. The latest one led me to seeing Bulb gas it almost 50% more expensive than Avro 12month fix, electricity about the same whilst standing charge for Bulb about 30% more. Come on Bulb, this won’t do! I will be moving soon, methinks…


It does feel as if Bulb are seeing how long they can drag their heels in order to make money, which if true, is really poor form.

I personally signed up for a combination of green energy and a tariff that track the cost of providing it. I understood that if it goes up my payments go up, but should unit costs decrease so should our payments.

Unfortunately this has not happened and it only seems to work one way.


My Bulb says Toshiba but further down meter type is Landis Gyr+ 5424 which is Smets2 installed last June. Would expect it to work smart fairly universally.


Switch update: I’ve now left Bulb.
This forum account still works.
IHD is now displaying a zero rate for electricity, still on the old Bulb rate for gas.
Octopus say they have detected the smart meter and will be able to use it but it will take up to 4 weeks for the to take readings from it.
Final meter readings were manual. Smart meters are not yet used for that.



IHD has started updating itself.

Edit: the update was successful and the IHD is already displaying the correct prices for the new provider’s tariff.

Some aspects of this smart meter system do seem to actually work!


SMETS2 switch update.
Two days in and I’m downloading half-hourly usage data at the command line…


I’m well jel :star_struck:

Come on @William_at_Bulb, get on it! :upside_down_face:


And a nicely formatted usage graph (with half-hourly kwh usage increments to 3 decimal places) on their website. All fully working within 2 days of switching.

Two lessons here:

  1. SMETS2 works (when it works!)

  2. The quality of the IT back end behind the smart meter makes soooo much difference…


Oh dear! That would drive me insane…in a good way. I don’t have a smart and have switched from Bulb recently but I do my own graphs, forecasts and usage with a normal meter.
I don’t think my other half would take much more detail of my energy usage/analysis. :grinning:


A wise tree bows it’s head before a storm :palm_tree:

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You know what, I’m so tempted just to bite the bullet and switch, accepting the hassle of another new meter. I can’t see Bulb catching up any time soon. They just don’t seem interested in any of the exciting stuff Octopus are doing.


DM me if you’d like a referral! :rofl:

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O.K. I have not got a smart meter who do I swap to (GAS) if I will not have a smart meter?

Swap to any supplier you like? Don’t really understand the question.

You can only swap to suppliers that will only take Gas on. You can have a smart meter or not, doesn’t matter. Pm me if you need more help.

GO is good tbf. I couldn’t have agile to having an electric oven and cooking during peak times…

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Yeah, I have an electric oven. It’s about the only thing that’s tricky to time shift and makes up most of my peak usage on the Bulb smart tariff. I do try to not use it until 7pm when I can, often not home until then anyway. The Agile peak rate is considerably lower than the Bulb peak rate, and better off peak periods too. I’d probably give Agile a go if I did switch.