Mark 2 Wholesale gas prices have halved recently, when will Bulb customers see gas prices reflect this?

SMETS2 switch update.
Two days in and I’m downloading half-hourly usage data at the command line…


I’m well jel :star_struck:

Come on @William_at_Bulb, get on it! :upside_down_face:


And a nicely formatted usage graph (with half-hourly kwh usage increments to 3 decimal places) on their website. All fully working within 2 days of switching.

Two lessons here:

  1. SMETS2 works (when it works!)

  2. The quality of the IT back end behind the smart meter makes soooo much difference…


Oh dear! That would drive me insane…in a good way. I don’t have a smart and have switched from Bulb recently but I do my own graphs, forecasts and usage with a normal meter.
I don’t think my other half would take much more detail of my energy usage/analysis. :grinning:


A wise tree bows it’s head before a storm :palm_tree:

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You know what, I’m so tempted just to bite the bullet and switch, accepting the hassle of another new meter. I can’t see Bulb catching up any time soon. They just don’t seem interested in any of the exciting stuff Octopus are doing.


DM me if you’d like a referral! :rofl:

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O.K. I have not got a smart meter who do I swap to (GAS) if I will not have a smart meter?

Swap to any supplier you like? Don’t really understand the question.

You can only swap to suppliers that will only take Gas on. You can have a smart meter or not, doesn’t matter. Pm me if you need more help.

GO is good tbf. I couldn’t have agile to having an electric oven and cooking during peak times…

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Yeah, I have an electric oven. It’s about the only thing that’s tricky to time shift and makes up most of my peak usage on the Bulb smart tariff. I do try to not use it until 7pm when I can, often not home until then anyway. The Agile peak rate is considerably lower than the Bulb peak rate, and better off peak periods too. I’d probably give Agile a go if I did switch.


ManyThanks Guess I now qualify as a senior dummy!

Not sure if they do separate gas/electric but I recently moved to Green. (dot) One condition was I didn’t need to take a smart meter.

I’ve switched to Octopus Dan, Feb 14th start date. Thanks for your help on the Smart meter - look forward to it up and running like yours :slight_smile:

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I’ve switched to Octopus Dan. Thanks for your advice on the smart meter. Should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

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We’ve got our SMETS2 install scheduled for the 6th February. I’m happy to provide updates about how it all goes, hopefully the process will be straightforward and the engineer will arrive on time. This may help you decide if you want to make the switch.

Obviously, different engineers and different location, so our experience could be different to others, but it may be useful.

Also, make sure you get a quote for the Go or Agile Tariff, then when you sign up Octopus and their system becomes aware you want to be on one of their Smart Tariffs and they seem to prioritize SMETS2 installs for such users. Though why anyone would move to Octopus and not be on one of the smart tariffs is beyond me.

@Dan42 switch seems to have gone very well indeed. And it’s good to see a SMETS2 device work as intended during a switch.

The nerd in me is loving those graphs and can’t wait to have access to the Octopus API.

@Dan42 I’m not sure if you’ve got solar, so you might not be able to answer. Do the Octopus graphs show any export for say 30min periods where your usage was negative. Or do the graphs just say 0kWh for those periods?


Sadly no solar power here. Too many Velux windows in our south facing roof! Maybe one day…

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@Dan42 one other question. I can’t quite tell from your images.

Do Octopus provide only a half-hourly usage breakdown on their site for the current day, or can you also see: Daily, Monthly, Yearly usage graphs?

I’ve always found it frustrating that Bulb’s usage dashboard is limited to daily cost-based usage over the last 31 days. As it makes comparing months more difficult. Such as, seeing how your electricity usage increases over winter compared to summer. I know you can usually use the IHD for this. But all our historic usage was wiped off our IHD when we moved off Bulb’s Smart Tariff. So I don’t particularity like relying on the IHD.

The half hourly graphs are the only ones on their site for me so far.

But the API allows you to download all your data so you can roll your own if you can Python.
Otherwise there is a third-party iOS app Octopus Watchdog (intended for Agile users but works for anyone) which presents the data nicely in daily form.

To be honest, the Samsung Smart thing Service from Bulb is better in this regard (and more up to date - Octopus only gives you readings 36 hours after they are taken).