Martin Lewis advice.... Account screenshot

Earlier today I read some good advice from Martin Lewis that I thought I would share.
For those of us that are supplied by a ‘smaller’ energy company that may be in trouble then it is worth taking a weekly/monthly screenshot of your account showing the balance. This is due to the fact that at any time the website could be closed without notice and it allows you to show proof of exactly what £ is in your account at a certain point in time just in case there is some question about it once a company has folded (GOOD for those in credit, not so much if you’re in debit).
Hope this is useful and brings some peace of mind to some x x


Surely your account only changes once a month and Bulb email you a statement? Indeed I get paper ones every month because I am over 60. I fail to see the validity of Lewis’s advice on this issue.

On a different note, I have had a broken SMETS2 IHD since February. If you require energy readings for some reason and your smart meter’s WAN is not broken - n3rgy data portal for consumers is a good place to find them, it will display it from any previous suppliers as it’s linked to your MPAN.

You will be able to sign-up for this at: data.n3rgy com/consumer/sign-up

I use the n3rgy platform (not a fan of proprietary software from companies like this, but this is what the DCC is like), you can sign up using your MPAN and your IHD MAC Address and it will display a spreadsheet with the amount of energy you use per day/hour/30 mins (depending on the interval you set-up on Bulb for the smart meter to report back). It will only let you view 90-day intervals, but the data will be present up to the date you mention you were responsible for the property.

For people with a British Gas Trio II, the mac address is the barcode in the battery compartment.

This would be sufficient evidence for electricity usage that won’t go away when you move suppliers. Though not sure if why this would be needed but will be good at resolving any disputes with a new supplier regarding opening/closing readings.

@wulf I can see where this may be the case for some people. We all get our statements on the 1st of each month but my DD payment also gets taken on the 1st and so it isn’t reflected in the statement that has been issued. So if the Bulb website goes down on let’s say the 10th of the month my credit would be showing as lower on the statement than what is actually in my account.
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My statement is dated 7th of each month - the date the transfer to Bulb took effect. My DD comes out 14 days later as I pay according to the statement amount.


@Anton59 That’s weird! I thought all Bulb energy statements were sent out on the 1st of the month as actual meter readings are required within the 3 days prior to be able to calculate the bill?? Even so, if Bulb folds and the website becomes ‘unavailable’ on the 21st of the month or even before that date (8th - 21st) your account credit/debit can only be proven by your previous issued statement which would NOT include your last DD payment.
You may or may not want to take this advice BUT what times does it really take to take a screen shot so that you have proof of actual information rather than arguing about £ later on?? x x


My statement is on 25th of each month and so my direct debits go out on payday just to make sure I didn’t spend it first cos I can’t trust myself but it usually hits the Bulb account usually on 26th so my bill says credited last month 26th and but bank statements confirm the direct debits going out anyway.


@decembersangel I do send my readings before the statement is issued. I get an email reminder. Your advice is sound but doesn’t apply to me as I have no need for a credit balance as I pay the amount shown on the statement, ie not in advance. If my statement is dated 7th and they fold on the 8th, I’ll have no need to prove any credit by taking screenshots. There’s also a chance that by folding, the direct debit may not be actioned - lucky me!!