Massive estimated usage and worrying total

Hi there

We have signed up to bulb only since 6th May after moving house. The previous owners left behind a smart meter and we used the meter readings listed and combated them to the ones at the main meter points to get started.

We were quoted £189.83 a month but suggested usage is showing now at £300! This cannot be possible and the readings indicate as such as we haven’t used more than £4 a day gas and electric combined.

This is a frightening amount and we haven’t had our first bill yet. Please can you tell us if this is normal or will correct itself? What is this £300 being based on??

Hey Bulb - an answer before the bill arrives would be appreciated. I can’t find any other way to contact you and this is stressing me out.

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Bulb please help or provide some reassurance before I look elsewhere?

Run! They are ripping us out of our money. I don’t even use gas and I am out of the house more, washing machine is broken and the bills have increased hundreds. I got anxiety and three children and they are literally making up estimates and forcing me to pay more. I have been refunded some money from giving in readings complaining about the cost. So if I have been refunded that is proof they over charged me and I only reduced it at that time so how does it make sense they want to increase my direct debit.

Might have to. Still absolutely no response from Bulb. This is pretty terrible. Probably the worst first impression I’ve had of a company ever.

Hi Becca-DT

You need to set up a variable DD where Bulb will only be able to take your statement amount 14 days after date of bill and here is how you do it.

Go to your bank and cancel your Bulb direct debit- if you have online banking you can do it yourself.

This will trigger a message on your account saying you need to set up a payment method. Open the message and fill in new DD form.

This will trigger a new message asking you to confirm date and ‘suggested’
monthly amount - IGNORE THIS MESSAGE.

Your new DD is now on a variable basis and your statement date will not alter.

The last message will remain on your account but Bulb have confirmed this is acceptable.

I and others have done this so do it straight away and stop worring.

Hey @Becca-DT :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

I am sorry you’ve been waiting for a reply. If you are ever looking for a quicker response you’d be best to give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 or use our live chat service.

As you have not had a statement through you you can ignore any projections as we need a few months’ worth of usage info to predict accurate costs.

Once your first statement comes through if you have any concerns then let me know :grinning:

– KT