Massively overcharged - no contact and chat is down

Hi Bulb - can someone contact me please - our direct debit is being rinsed due to an error on your part (second time this year) and we are overdrawn at the bank now and being charged. don’t have spare money to cover it. Please contact us!

Why not just log into your account and manually change the direct debit back to something sensible, while Bulb sort out the problem? You could have done this before you ended up overdrawn. Not excusing Bulb taking far too long to solve problems, but you can at least mitigate against their incompetence.


yes good idea. Didnt realise until we were at zero.

Out of interest, what has gone wrong? I presume something more serious than an estimated bill causing your direct debit to be increased.

It’s unlikely you’ll get a reply from Bulb on here.

increased by an awful lot month on month. should have checked earlier but didn’t. now have no money - usually have a buffer but not at the moment, so have done what you suggest and amended the amount online until it gets sorted out.

But why has it been increased every month? They must have given a reason. Have you had lots of consecutive estimated bills, where the estimates were higher than your actual usage? Have you been submitting monthly meter readings?

You say “an error on [Bulb’s] part (second time this year)”. What is it that has happened twice, as opposed to month on month?

well I don’t know why. It didn’t come with a reason just a bill, that’s why I am trying to get in touch. this happened early this year too, due to an unspecified error the bills started increasing unrealistically and we got our account credited in the end when I phoned up to query, it but it’s happening again and I just can’t get in touch.

Have you done any local investigation into what might be happening?

Are you bills based on estimated readings or actual readings?

If they’re all based on actual readings, could it be an appliance in your house that is faulty and using more electric than normal? Perhaps the meter is faulty, but there’s checks you can do there as well to try to confirm that before getting Bulb to do it and potentially incur a fee if there’s nothing wrong.

Without more information, I don’t think there’s anything else us fellow customers can do to help you. You’re unlikely to get any reply from Bulb on this forum. I can only suggest that you keep trying to phone them and wait in the queue.

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Thanks I’ll keep trying unfortunately the Three phone network is down too. must be something in the air!

They have just been heavily fined for overcharging customers!

They want £79 a month for gas and electric in our one bed flat and there’s only two adults living in it and we work full time they are a crap company

Have they? By whom?

I can’t quickly find any online news that supports your statement, but perhaps you could provide a link?

Look up bulb reviews they are awful they are overcharging me £79 for gas and electric for a one bed flat with two full time working adults in it they are ripping people off

Ok, they haven’t been fined. There are a couple of specific issues where Bulb screwed up, and they’ve had to put those right. The ~£1.8m is a mixture of refunds and compensation to affected customers.

Let’s face it - no supplier is perfect. They all make mistakes (as do we). In my view, when that happens how they react and what they do to rectify mistakes is very useful to know.

Hi @frankiejarvis30

I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with Bulb. I’m going to send an email over to you separately so we can discuss your payments, and why they’re set to what they are.

With regards the payout, @stevefoster is absolutely right. It was not a fine, but a combination of refunds and compensation we’ve paid for a few errors we made in the past. We hold our hands up and admit these were our mistakes, and apologize wholeheartedly for them. You can read more about this here: