Massuuuuv bill


I’m using a nest which doesn’t rise above 19C most days. Turned down the radiator heat on the boiler itself. 3 bed house. A few rads turned off and the main ones aren’t really turned up over 2/3.

I’ve received a huge bill, it’s particularly cold but This month my gas usage was 122kw/day, it was around 21kw/day last year according to bulb.

I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here.

Meter readings have been supplied.

Any help is appreciated.

Did you have nest last year? If the heating is on all day I can see that been possible? It’s double my parents but they only have the heating on in the morning and evenings.

Worth noting that there’s an efficiency sweet spot for boilers. So turning down the heat on the boiler itself may not be helping things.

Yup. Had the nest 2/3 years. Top tip, I’ll do some further digging.

Is the bill definitely just for one month, and not catching up on previous estimated readings?

It doesn’t say that’s the case

It doesn’t say that’s the case

It wont say clearly that is what has happened, if it has.

What are the dates of the most recent meter readings used on the bill, and do they say estimated or actual?


Gave a reading last month, this one is estimated

this one is estimated

Perhaps that answers your question then?

Accurate bills do not result from estimated data. I wouldn’t panic about a big bill unless it’s based on actual readings.

How does the estimate compare to the actual reading?