May i not have a high bill in the winter.

May I not pay more in the winter months, I live alone and hardly use any heating. I have just joined so I don’t know where I will see an answer to this.

Could you confirm please.



Hi @linda26 thanks for asking! The answer is yes - you definitely can.

You’re actually able to change these payments yourself in your MyBulb account if you signed up with a debit card (unfortunately not possible with a direct debit as this has a much longer processing time) just head to

If you like I can take the 20% winter uplift off for you as this is just something we recommend when you’re joining us in winter and will only apply to you in march as it goes down automatically going into summer. Then once we have a meter reading for you and an accurate bill you can see exactly what your usage is each month and have an idea how much you should be paying. :smile: