Meeter readings?

Hi there,
I submitted meter readings a couple of days ago for gas and electric but there not showing on the app.How long does it take to show both readings?
One i had to submit a picture.

Hi there!

If the readings are “accepted” they will show on your account the same day :). I had a quick look at your readings and it looks like you entered 1 reading for electricity, but you will actually have 2 readings, so our system is kinda waiting for the 2nd reading to be entered as well :).

We have a pretty good guide on reading various types of meters here: Would you be able to give that a quick read once you have some of time on your hands?

For an electricity reading, the meter should show several digits followed by “kWh” (Kilowatt Hours). If it is an Economy 7 meter (there is both a normal/day rate and a low/night rate), which you have, there will be 2 readings: one will most likely be labeled E1 and the other E2.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: