Merging accounts/ meters

What are the costs and considerations please, of getting rid of one set of gas and electricity supplies for a pair of adjoining properties?
I’m thinking mainly that, as the two are used as one; it’s a waste to be paying two sets of ‘standing charge’ for each utility and want to know, purely from a supplier point of view: what’s involved in disconnecting one of the properties (and potentially reconnecting it some years in the future)?

Hi @Ste , thanks for getting in touch.

We can carry out work to remove the gas and electricity meters from one of the properties for a fee. You would, however, need to undergo work to extend the remaining supplies to the entirety of the site. You could ask an electrician or gas engineer to do this work. Otherwise, when we remove the meters one of the properties will just go off supply.

The cost of removing a gas meter is £113.50 and for an electricity meter is £92.81. Let us know if you’re interested :slight_smile: