Meter and ihd still old tariff

Anyone elses electricity meter and ihd still showing the old tariff rate? Or will i still get billed the higher tariff in my may statement?

My Smart meter is still showing the old tariffs days after the increases…

Yup, mines appears to be working on old tariff which is terrifying as just had an ASHPinstalked and we have glitches so it’s been on A LOT!!!

Well the Smart Meter by definition is the measuring device so the local measurement taken by the electricity meter and IHD is whats used.
The app not being part of the meter should be ignored.

Hello all,

Thanks for taking the time to post on community, we are sorry the In Home Displays are not showing the new tariffs.

Your accounts and billing will all be updated with the new tariffs from the 1st April, we are sending updated to the IHDs to display the new tariffs and this should ideally be resolved as of this week.

If the old tariffs still display, please let us know here.

–Carl :bulb:

I checked mine on April 1st and took pictures of the the new increased tariffs it displayed.

So why is the app usage higher than my local metering equipment which has had the new increased tariff loaded since April 1st.

Surely my local metering equipment connected directly to my incoming supply is the only measuring device that is calibrated and tested to give final usage readings.
Or is there another meter somewhere else ?

Hi @zseanz

Thanks for your post.

I’m thinking you are talking about the information displayed on your In Home Display vs that on your usage graphs ?

Both receive information from the communications hub on your physical meters, which are the source of your meter readings, however the two display information slightly differently.

For example, your In Home Display updates periodically and displays your usage for the day/month, giving more of a ‘live’ insight as it has more frequent updates.

The usage graphs in your Bulb Account will also receive information from your communications hub, and will use the meter readings it provides to calculate your daily spending. These readings may come through/ display information from slightly different times in comparison to your IHD, which is why the two are sometimes slightly out of kilter.

I hope this clarifies things, let us know if we can do anything else