Meter box repairs

Both my gas and electric meter boxes have been damaged by weather this winter and I am concerned that I might not be able to provide meter readings monthly if I cannot access the meters.

Do Bulb work with anyone who can assist with repairs? I have had no luck finding workers due to the gas mains pipe (trustatrader, localheroes, etc…)


@mekins, when you say you’ve had no luck due to the gas mains pipe, what do you mean?

If the gas mains pipe needs to be moved in any way, you’ll have to talk to your DNO to get them to do that.

Replacement of a meter box surrounding a meter shouldn’t be that tricky for a local tradesperson though.

If the trades are just concerned about doing any work near a gas pipe, maybe talk to a local plumbing/heating company who should be more comfortable doing the work.

@mekins I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with the meter boxes.

As mowcius said, it sounds like the DNO will have to take a look at the gas mains pipe if it’s causing an issue. The meter boxes themselves are something that the owner of the building would need to get repaired. Our engineers are only legally allowed to work on the meters themselves.

If, after the DNO has looked at the gas pipe, you need assistance from us - just let us know.