Meter box

Hi, our outside gas meter box is damaged…do bulb offer replacements or help to fix it?

Hi @Egg,

The physical meter box is the responsibility of the property owner - it’ll be up to you (or your landlord) to fix or replace the box: they can usually be purchased from ‘all good hardware shops’ and there are a number of online resellers of them as well. Bulb will only get involved in the meter itself is faulty - and then to only replace the meter: you’ll still have a broken box.

I believe it is a ‘DIY job’ to replace the box yourself (most online forums/discussion boards seem to suggest replacing the whole box is easier than trying to fix an existing one), but if you are unsure about your capabilities around high voltage electricity or gas mains, it’ll be worth contacting a local electrician or ‘Gas Safe’ engineer to assist/quote (from what I can tell, you shouldn’t need to touch/move the wires/cables/pipes or meter - everything just ‘fits around/slides in’ - but I haven’t seen your set and have no experience in doing it myself). Bulb can assist in disconnecting/turning off the power to the meter at the underground distribution point if necessary: but it shouldn’t be needed from what I can tell.

You might find and/or How to Replace a Gas Meter Box Door in 4 Steps useful ). Some network operators (who actually get the gas/electric to your home) offer a paid meter box/utility box repair service - you can check who yours is via - I know SGN do offer this, but charge around £135 to ‘Supply and install surface mounted meter box cover and door’.

I fitted a meter box cover from these people - - it fits over the existing meter box. Looks very neat.