Meter change

Why do Bulb charge £120 to change a meter from Economy 7 to a standard meter when other electricity companies make no charge?

It’s mainly the “big 6” who don’t charge, they make enough to absorb the costs I guess…

Yes I guess so but if Bulb want customers to stay loyal to them you would think they could do something about charge? £120 seems quite excessive to me. The only way to not have to pay it would be to change supplier which I don’t really want to do as I’ve been really happy with Bulb up until now.

If you can wait for a smart meter, the change will be free then?

@melly_12 At the moment we cannot absorb the cost of replacing these meters as these are non-essential changes. If you wait until we install smart meters we should be able to configure it to Economy 7 for you then :slight_smile: