Meter checking appointment

I’ve been complaining about my electricity bills for YEARS to you. I asked you to check my meter because there is no way I’m using £140 a month when I live alone and work nights!

You said you’ve arranged for my meter to be checked but I’ve heard nothing. What are you doing? When are you going to come and check this?

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One wonders if it has been years sine you sent in meter readings?
This is more likely to be the cause of high estimated bills rather than a faulty meter!

Thanks for your unhelpful reply. I presume you work for bulb with that attitude?

Meter readings go in regularly. Unless you work for Bulb, I suggest you cease trying to “help”. You’re very bad at it. And clearly can’t access the details I’ve asked for.

Bulb don’t care how often you send in readings, even if it’s twice monthly. They just want to fob you off and increase your monthly payment. Do you honestly think I can’t tell the difference between an actual reading and an estimate?

£130 for a SINGLE person who works 15 hour shifts and sleeps during the day. Do you think that’s an ESTIMATION issue? You must be delusional.

Any sensible help from Bulb here or is it going to be the usual nonsense? I presume you want me to leave so you don’t have to refund me for any overcharge. Hence Bulb dragging this out.

Horrible company. And pretty bad community support too.

No, not even a customer.
Pardon me for breathing. Good day sir

Hope you don’t mind me mentioning but it seems as if you are directing your query to fellow customers on this forum in addition to possible Bulb employees. None of your fellow customers would have been able to arrange for your meter to be checked and neither would they have received previous complaints about your electricity bills. It looks as if you have previously taken up your concerns direct with Bulb, when was the last time you did this?

Your profile would sugges you joined in May. Must be short years where you live?

Could it be that the person joined the Forum in May but has been a customer some before then? I don’t think the date you join the Forum relates to when you join Bulb. I do notice the post from the person in May did say at the time they were switching to another supplier within the month, I assume this didn’t take place?

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Shos you joined blub in April 2018

Is that when I joined the Forum or switched to Bulb?

Hello @ctclarke23,

Thank you for posting on the community.

I will send you a direct message to get your account details so I can look into this for you.

At the moment, in some areas, we cannot book meter accuracy tests however the first thing we always recommend checking is the appliances in your house to make sure none are faulty and also how you are using them e.g. could you put the heating/hot water on a timer.

If you reply to my message I will be able to offer more advice.


switched to bulb, from wherever

I did reply to you.

As always, Bulb don’t bother to reply.

Hi @ctclarke23 - I’ve replied to you on our other thread letting you know we’ve raised this meter accuracy test as a special escalation - we’ll let you know when we hear back about possible dates for this.