Meter eating up electricity

I just moved to my new place and noticed that my usage is way higher than I expected, it’s a Pre-paid meter and I heard there may be a debt from previous tenants. When I first inserted my key it said I was in £5.something debt. Okay, paid back, still, it seems like I’m paying for something constantly because it is incredible, how fast my money disappears.
Any thoughts?

Hopefully this Web Page may help you should be able to find out if there is any debt on the electric Meter.

Understanding your Electric Pre-Payment Meter

Thank you, I still don’t understand how come that I use up to £10 a day?
The display shows no debt.

You don’t perchance have electric storage heaters and electric hot water?
Your meter maybe on a single rate rather than the more economical E7.
If you are on E7 your meter display will show two tariffs

I have electric heaters and hot water, yes, but they aren’t constantly on.
It shows my tariff. 15.5/kW which is okay, but still, £10 a day is huge.

If you have a 2 rate meter (including Economy 7), you’ll usually pay different rates for your electricity depending on when you use it. This usually means a day rate and a cheaper, off-peak night rate.


Which tariff you’re on depends on how many off-peak hours your meter has. If your meter has:

  • less than 8.5 off-peak hours, you’ll be on our 2 rate tariff
  • 8.5 off-peak hours or more, you’ll be on our single rate tariff
    It shows my tariff. 15.5/kW which is okay, but still, £10 a day is huge.
    it would appear that your heating/hot water is being charged at day rates rather than the cheaper night rate of about 0.07p

Thank you for your quick answers :slight_smile:
I already contacted Bulb, they said they would have a look at my meter. Is that possible for them to reinstall or how to say the meter, and then I can continue with the normal tariff?

I’m afraid the rest is in bulbs hands, the community has helped you as much as it can.
Buen suerte

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @vattacukor

I can see you have said you’ve been in touch with us.

If you need anything else, feel free to message here.