Meter failure

Our meter has failed on Bank Holiday Sunday. Only the supplier firm may replace meters, but Bulb is closed until Tuesday. We are entirely without mains electricity until then. Has anyone else experienced this massive defect in Bulb’s service?

We’re really sorry you experienced this disruption. We’re glad to have got your electricity back by Monday evening, but think we can learn from this and do better next time.

The local electricity distributor is the first point of call for power cuts or issues with supply, and they’re always available. They can be contacted by calling 105 at any time of day or night. They will visit your home to make sure everything is safe.

In your case, the issue then required the meter to be replaced, work which must legally be completed by our metering services partner. It’s rare that the root cause is with the meter, but following your experience, we’re making sure we can cover this and are able to complete a meter exchange on all days of the year, including bank holidays.

Yes, thanks to Jonathan’s Herculean efforts (and thanks to a sub-contractor who was willing to come from West Bromwich to Oxford at 9.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday) we were back on to electricity by Monday evening. We and Bulb fell foul of a rare and awkward glitch. There is out-of-hours emergency cover from the network provider (in our case SSEB) for all parts of the system except for the meter, which for obvious reasons may be touched only on the express authority of the supplier (in our case Bulb), and until now Bulb have not been equipped to do this outside normal working hours. Meters malfunction only very rarely, and they have to be very mischievous to do so on a holiday weekend. Bulb will now be sorting out this glitch; no matter how rare a chance of something going wrong, if it can do, it eventually will!

@colincrouch Thank you for writing such a compelling account of the events. Had me gripped from start to finish.

You’re absolutely right, it’s Murphy’s Law at its finest. We’ve learnt from your plight and can only thank you for your patience in teaching us this valuable lesson (and we must thank the sub-contractor of the century for his efforts)

Please get in touch straight away if you have any other complications at all.