Meter Fault

Hi, I’m almost 100% positive that I have a fault with my meter resulting in ridiculously high Bulb bills.

When I joined Bulb, I was getting quoted at £36 monthly. I run a single PC, LED lights, A+ energy appliances, and everything is often off. Single person living in a studio flat also. I just got a bill for £96.01. Despite my meter readings, this really, really is not correct. I’m pulling my hair out from stress over this, my account is now over £100 in debt, and I can’t afford these bills or this debt right now. The meter readings do not reflect my usage in any way, it’s physically impossible that I could have ever used that much electricity using a single computer…

Is there anything I can do about this?

It’s worth mentioning that these bills have gradually gotten higher and higher as the months go by also.

I would contact Bulb (Mon-Fri) either by phone,email or live chat and discuss.
In the meantime have you tried switching everything off and seeing if the meter still runs, and then turn on one item at a time to see if there is any abnormal usage.

Hi @AlexBlackmoore thanks for getting in touch.

The test that @scudo suggests is a good, and easy first step to try and identify the root cause. Additionally, you can try turning everything off - you can do this at the fuse board. Then, check the meter before / after about 30 minutes with the whole supply off. If it still ticks, it’s faulty. If it doesn’t, we can try further checks.

In almost every case we experience where a member has higher than expected electricity usage, it is something internal in the property that is causing too much electricity to be drawn. The homeowner / landlord can conduct (or ask an electrician to conduct) a “trace test” where the internal electronics are tested to see if they are drawing more electricity than expected.

For electricity only properties, the highest consumption is generally attributed to water heating.

We are capable of sending an engineer to check the meter. Just to be fully transparent: in 95% of cases, no fault is found. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, we need to charge for the callout for the engineer which is why we treat this as a last resort.

Something else you may be interested in is an “energy monitor”. You can get this at any electronics shop / online. It clips onto the cable by the meter and detects the current passing through the cable. It can give you live-time info about what is being consumed.

I hope this info helps.


As @“Euan at Bulb” says, it may be worth investing in one of these

If your hot water isn’t from gas, I’d guess that’s where the issue is.