Meter help

Ive just signed up and been given a start supply date of 4th October and also DD start date, however I wanted to be on pre-payments for both Gas and Electric. I currently have a smart credit meter fitted for Electric and a standard credit meter fitted for Gas, how do I go about getting these meters changed ?

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Hiya Chris,

We can get those changed for you once you’ve switched over.

Just give us a call after your switch date and we’ll be able to book some engineering appointments etc etc.

And charge you £120 per meter

Hi @Razorb64 we don’t tend to recommend prepayment meters as the tariffs tend to be considerably more expensive, and there is a risk of your power going off if you forget to top up, but if you do want one in order to better control your finances and get out of debt on your energy usage we’ll install one for free. We do charge £120 to go the other way (installing a credit meter instead of a prepayment one)

I have a smart meter I didn’t use a key or card to top up, I topped up through an app upfront, before using energy. I don’t want a prepay account as mentioned I want to pay monthly by direct debit, why do I need to change meters?

Sorry for the confusion, I was just letting you know what our policy is on meter replacements, as opposed to always charging £120.

What is your tariff price for prepayment meters?

Hey @MayhemandChaos. If you head to and answer just a couple of questions it will give you a quote and tariff details.

Hi Eleanor,
I’ve just tried getting a quote but it only gives tariff prices for paying by DD, not prepayment meter, or is the tariff the same?


Hi there @MayhemandChaos nope the tariffs are a bit different. If you’ve gone through our normal quote site before sometimes it switches back over to that one instead of letting you change to the prepayment tariffs, if you go through the quote site in incognito mode on your internet browser, or delete your cookies, it should ask you about halfway through whether you pay by direct debit or whether you top up