Meter issues - bills are way too high

I’ve lived in a two bedroom flat since May 2020. I have a pre-payment electricity meter only. We used £10 a week in summer and £20 a week in winter. It was all working along those lines until December. We hadn’t increased any heating or put up extra lights for Christmas etc but our £80-£100 a month charge in winter sky-rocketed to over £200. January has come and gone and we find we’re spending £200-£250 on electric. We haven’t changed anything in the house or introduced anything new that would use such an amount of electricity every month. The meter seems to rack up a lot of kWh during the day but not so much as night. We’re out everyday at work Monday - Saturday as we are key-workers so we’re not using more electricity during the day than we used to as we’re not here. I’ve switched off the fuses in the house and the meter stops racking up kWh and then when I re-introduce each fuse individually, nothing seems to be zapping it. I’ve even switched off the heating and our second fridge but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to our consumption. I’m starting to wonder if it’s the meter itself. Is there any way I can apply for a pre-payment smart meter to see where we are using the electricity or a credit meter so that we can have a better rate?

Contact bulb for a “smart” meter these are installed as a credit meter and then switched to pre-pay if desired
As an afterthought, what type of heating do you have, if its storage heaters they can use up leccy like theres no tomorrow, and they(depending on DNO) sometimes get a booster shot during the day.
PS especially if your on a single rate tarrif, this winter has been a lot colder than last.

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When everything is off if the meter stops clocking up this would indicate that it is measuring correctly.

The night time hours will be close to 00.30-7.30am so make sure that you put things on between those hours to benefit for the night rate.

As @skippy64 suggested it could be worth getting a smart meter. We would have to put through a credit check and check a few things so I will drop you an email and you can respond to let me know if you want to proceed. :smiley:

If we have a smart connection you could then request to switch the mode to smart top up meters, however we cannot guarantee this.