Meter Mix up/ no electric

okay so there was a mix up when I moved into my new property I was told that my meters were credit meters never given any pre payment cards or anything when I moved in however I have realised now that all my electrics have gone off that they are prepayment meters after speaking with the council now I switched to Bulb when I moved in on the knowledge that these meters were credit meters as that’s what I was told by the landlord and the council I’m now really stuck on what I do next I’m without any electricity and have no prepayment cards for Bulb or for the supplier I switched from! I didn’t really know the difference between the two until I rang my local council and had everything explained to me!

Knowing councils, they are useless.

You can try this Avenue

Failing this, you can contact Siemens and they can do an emergency meter swap, someone on this forum was successful in that at the weekend