Meter not sending readings to Bulb


I had my smart meters (gas and electric) fitted on the 20th September. Although the IHD is working… sort of! When I log into my Bulb account online there is no meter readings. How often do meter readings get sent? I emailed support and they suggested to take the meter reading myself! What is the point of smart meters If I have to do that?

I am in exactly the same position! Electricity meter is showing a reading but gas meter is showing zero balance (as if). Level of support is zero from Bulb.

Are you able to get a reading from the gas meter? Strange it’s showing nothing. I understand that if the gas meter is too far away from the electric meter, they don’t communicate with each other.

I have had some good coms with customer support and they have been more than helpful. It depends on who you speak to.

Keep on at them until you get a result :slight_smile: