Meter Not Smart at all

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Hi, folks
Bulb invited me to have a “smart” meter installed a YEAR ago. Like an idiot, I agreed.
It has NEVER WORKED AT ALL … in spite of my many emails requesting help. I am still being asked every month for a meter reading.
Of course, the IHD doesn’t do anything either.
Does anyone know how to get an engineer or someone to come and fix these meters ?
Many thanks … Jim

Snap gas meter has never worked very shoddy installing and leaving faulty equipment relucntantly took a smart meter wish I hadn’t looki g to leave bulb once the crap they installed is removed

Hey @jmcgill,

Firstly, I wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community! :partying_face:

Secondly, I just took a look into your account and I see that your electricity meter and in-home display (IHD) were not connected to the smart network on the day of your meter installation.

Whether this is due to the engineer not having enough time or physically being unsuccessful in attempting to get your meters enrolled on to the smart network is hard to say.

But in your case, we may be able to send a remote commissioning request off to get your electricity meter connected.

@MACAULAR a warm welcome to Bulb community too, don’t think I forgot you! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Similar situation for you too. We may be able to get your gas meter enrolled on to the smart network as it looks as though the engineer wasn’t able to get yours enrolled on the day of installation either.

Could you both either send us an email (, or get in touch via live chat to discuss this further?

In the same boat as you both. Smart meter fitted in November last year worked until April 2020. Now hasn’t submitted readings since then!

I’m unable to submit meter readings as the meters do not make sense… submitted photos and emailed for support with this. told they may be able to resolve by summer 2021 !!!

Very unhappy customer and I’m questioning why I ever moved to bulb. Very concerned that I am going to end up with a massive energy bill.

How do I contact customer services ???

Thank you Trevor for the reply
This “remote commissioning” was tried a few months ago. I was told to wait for six weeks and it would then start working. No, nothing happened.
I live in Scotland (about 15 miles from Dundee) and maybe the “smart network” simply doesn’t work in these parts ? If that is the case, the engineer should NEVER have dumped this problem on us.

Hey @Dmccon - I replied to you on a different thread, but just to let you know I’ve sent you an email to get this sorted.

@jmcgill, we can try the reboot again now if it didn’t work before. Are you happy for me to do that?

Hi, GeorgieS
Thank you for your reply.
YES please. I am happy to try (almost) anything to get this meter and the IHD to do what they are supposed to. I have spent so much time trying and failing.
What do I have to do at this end ?
Thanks in advance.

The complaints team said they would do a remote comission on my dumb system, trouble is, if there is no local network for the IHD to connect to then it’s all pointless. Seems not even the complaints team understand smart meters…

I would think that they need to somehow fix my dumb electricity meter/comms hub so

  1. it submits a reading
  2. it creates a visible local network

But it falls on dumb ears…

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Thanks Phytone3d
My problem looks similar.
My meter seems to have been installed before a proper working network to support it is in place. If only the installer had explained this to me, it would have saved me countless hours of frustration.
Best wishes … Jim

If the complaaints team were “smart” they probably wouldn’t be in the complaints team

So found this:

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb is it possible to get a bulb equivalent of this output for our failed installs to at least see where the problem is. If Octopus can do it, then Bulb ought to…


Having same issues here too.

Moved to smart meters in August/September time. Meter readings would update fine for first while but now seemed to have stopped completely.

I’ve never had a statement since and my account is constantly building credit per month.

Contacted Bulb two weeks ago and was told it would be fixed in a couple of days. Nothing. Contacted them again last week via chat and was told it was still being worked on. All a bit of a shambles.

Hi, JD82

My meter hasn’t work at all. Not once in the 12 months since it was “installed”.
The IHD does absolutely nothing either.
GeorgieS from team bulb said he would try another reboot but still nothing.

Nobody from bulb seems to have a solution.
I can’t tell if anyone is even trying to sort this out (or if anyone cares ?)
Surely, someone can tell where the problem lies and indicate a time (a month, year or decade) when we can expect a fix ?

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