Meter Reader attended property unannounced

Hello, could anyone give me a quick sanity-check here please? A meter reader came by this morning to read the meters. His ID looked legit and this is the correct time for readings to be submitted. But I did not actually know that Bulb had meter readers, I thought we submitted readings ourselves (as I have been doing for the two years I’ve been with Bulb). So, presumably Bulb has a team of readers, and customers aren’t told when they will be turning up - is this right? Thanks very much.

Hi @GrantM,

Bulb uses (as per ) Morrison Data Services (MDS) to read/checks meters and MDS also does the same task for other suppliers so they tend to ‘group’ areas for checking for efficiency. However, they don’t tend to feed back to the suppliers as to which areas they are doing when - hence why we customers don’t get told.

[ All suppliers used to have a legal obligation to inspect, check and offically read meters every 2 years, but by looks of things this was removed in 2016 - ]

However, they do still have an obligation to ensure meters are safe and accurate and this was probably just one of those routine checks since MDS was in the area.