Meter reader came to read our meters, My Bulb usage shows reading as "customer"


We had a meter reader visiting us to read the gas and electricity meters on 17 October. The readings show up as “customer” in My Bulb.
This cannot be right? It might be that your system does not distinguish between or own readings and the ones done my meter readers. If so, please fix.


Hmm, that’s a bit of a concern.

I know most suppliers don’t distinguish and just have either Estimate or Actual for readings, but as it does normally state customer in My Bulb I would agree that the system really needs to be able to distinguish between our readings and ones by a contracted company.

On a related note @web_reggy, do you know who read your meter? Was it Lowri Beck? G4S? Someone else?

“amit March 10, 2016 5:13PM edited January 3
Edit: We’re pleased to say that since 28th December 2016 G4S’s Utility Services were acquired by another party. They are now Morrison Data Services. This means that no profits are going to G4S from us.”

Above thread is in About Bulb page 8

@xxx, that’s good to hear.

Just found the thread, thanks.


Hi Webby,
MyBulb only distinguishes between actual and estimated readings, but our system shows this reading as an actual reading taken by the industry (i.e. the meter reader). I will pass on the feedback about making this more clear on the MyBulb site. Hope that all makes sense,


Thanks you Alex.