Meter Readers

As a newish Bulb customerI had a meter reader from G4S call this evening asking for a gas meter reading (the first time this has happened since joining Bulb). However Bulb also supply the electricity but he didn’t ask for a reading. Does anyone know if this is normal? Do I get a second visit for the electricity reading? Do Bulb ever inform you that you are due a meter reading rather than submitting them yourself?

Yes its normal, most times they only read one meter.
You submit your readings ideally once a month to avoid estimates.
I doubt if Bulb actually know when they are going to be read any more than other fuel suppliers.
Meters must be read at least once every 2 years …Ofgem regulations.

Hi @Marie_Claude27 ,

As @scudo said, meters do need to be inspected/‘official read’ around every 2 years per OFGEM regulations - however, Bulb use Morrison Data Services ( When an engineer visits your home – Bulb ) not G4S for their meter readings… I’m therefore guessing that as a new customer, the engineer may have been scheduled by your old supplier and the cancellation notification just didn’t get through the systems before the engineer went out.

Bulb do prefer customers to provide a meter reading once per month (a couple of days before your bill - you should receive an email notification when it is due) - although leaving it 3 months is okay (but your bill will therefore be estimated during that time and could be inaccurate).