Meter reading by Bulb

My wife has just told me that her elderly mother recently had a visit from somebody who said that they were from Bulb and that they had come to read her meters. I submit her readings for her every month so I do not see why somebody would have come from Bulb to read the meters. Nobody has ever come to read mine. So I am now very concerned that this person might not have been genuine. So my question is, do Bulb ever send people to read the meter?

They may or may not be genuine but I believe a meter must be read at least once every 2 years.

Hi @RichardM

We send a meter reader around once per year as part of our responsibility as a supplier to ensure we’re:

Ensuring we have 1 meter read per year minimum
Ensuring we complete regulatory checks for tampering.

Many suppliers have meter readers sent around every 3 months, but we do have members which are excellent at sending meter reads, so can send them a little less often, which saves everyone money.

Many thanks Rob. That’s put our minds at rest.