Meter reading company

Which meter reading company does Bulb use for the annual meter readings ? (or any other times)- Thanks

@Alf1_ We are currently with Morrisons Data Services for the annual electricity and gas meter readings.

Do you have to annual meter readings done. I have just sent the guy away as I didn’t realise you used them and I didn’t want to let him in my house. He said he was sent by simple energy and I didn’t recognise that name.

Thanks for your help SJ at Bulb… tamaraarmstrong - Yes, I believe you do have to have an annual meter reading done (it is mandatory), so they can look at possible problems.

@tamaraarmstrong the most important thing is that we get regular meter readings from you. If you are submitting regular readings then don’t worry. Simple Energy is a trading name of Bulb. The engineers are meant to say that they are from Bulb, but sometimes forget!