Meter reading different to what I submitted.

I’ve just joined Bulb, and the reading that they have is quite different to the one I submitted. Why are they using an estimate – which is very wrong – instead of the reading I submitted?

I have photos of the meters for when I read them, so am certain of the values. How do I get this corrected?

When you join Bulb your final readings are submitted to a 3rd party for verification, until everything is verified it is likely estimates are used, it can take up to 6 weeks for it to be finalised. It will balance out after verification.

The verification process has nothing to do with Bulb or your old supplier it is a government thing.

Thanks, but I’m being billed on these readings, which are quire far out. A good £200-£300 difference.

If you are certain of the readings then don’t worry about it. I would however contact Bulb by phone or live chat (Mon-Fri) and they will resolve the anomaly with you.

@BJLondon, weirdly enough, suppliers are often informed to use the estimated readings during a switch rather than the customer supplied ones.

I believe that if you supply photos, Bulb can push for the real readings to be used - you’d be best to give them a ring on Monday to discuss this.

@BJLondon this looks like it is in relation to your gas readings. Please could you give us a call or email at so we can help get this corrected.

@mowcius and @scudo are right, this third party validation legally requires us to use the estimated readings for the time being, but we can contact the other supplier directly if a mistake has been made.