Meter reading entry

The link from my email to enter a reading just brings me to the community page.
Where do I enter it?
if that don’t work you will need to contact bulb for an account reset

Is there any way I can take my gas meter reading without having to lie on the ground? the brown box housing my meter has been installed so low to the ground that it is almost impossible to keep the lid open whilst taking a reading, without lying on the ground. This isn’t great in winter. This is why I haven’t been able to submit a reading since last summer.

I’m not entirely sure what advice you’re hoping to get. Maybe use your phone to take a photo of the reading? It might be easier to get your phone in the necessary position rather than your head.

Do you have you a friend or relative who can assist with the meter reading such as holding the lid open whilst someone else takes a reading? I would advise you submit a meter reading as soon as possible otherwise your bills could be greatly over or under estimated.

Hey @stephaniel-44,

We can sign you up for quarterly meter readings or request a meter reader to come round as a one-off if you’re struggling - sounds like you’ve got a bit of an awkward meter!