Meter reading lower than previous estimate

The system won’t let me enter my meter reading as it is lower than the previous month’s - which was an over estimated estimate. … How do I get around this to get the correct reading into the system?

I’ll let bulb answer that, but here’s a tip that might help in future:
bulb send their reminders a few days before the “official” read date. If you submit your reading on any day other than the day before the “official” date, the system generates an estimate, which usually has no bearing on the actual figure. To avoid that happening, submit your reading the day before the “official” date. (Perhaps bulb could confirm my empirical observations… :slight_smile:

…submit your reading the day before the “official” date. <<
Hey @willmow may I ask you what date you understand to be the ‘‘official’’ date’? I have led myself up the garden path more than once by phrasing questions over the telephone to Bulb staff not quite right in order to try to avoid estimated content in a bill. The latest advice supplied is to submit readings two days before the statement date (the statement date understood to be the same as one’s direct debit date).

The email is called “Your monthly payment is coming up” and the wording is: “Just so you know, your monthly payment of £xx will come out of your bank account in three days”. I get it on the 7th and I try to get the readings in on the 10th.

@Sue The system will still allow you to enter the reading even if it’s lower than the previous estimate, it just pops up with a warning. You just need to click on “Submit anyway” and your reading will be accepted.

@willmow I suppose the “official date” you are referring to is the statement generation date, which is the day before your switch date anniversary. If you switched to us on 16th of the month, your statement will be generated on 15th of every month. We do always take into account meter readings that customer enter. However, we need to send readings across to a third-party to validate them and this can sometimes cause delays in using them for billing. I’d always suggest submitting readings four days beforehand to allow for the validation process. @stephen9620 the more often we receive customer readings, the more accurate the estimates will be. However, I appreciate using a customer reading is always the preferred option.

The trouble with submitting readings early under your system is that this generates the unhelpful estimated readings which are quite inaccurate, serve no purpose from the customer’s point of view, and clutter up the list of readings, such that we see no fewer than 4 of them per month on our screens.

@willmow I completely agree. In an ideal world, readings would be submitted, validated and used in your statement on the same day. However, delays can happen and we’ve taken the view that it is better to have an estimated read for a few days at the end of your billing cycle than no customer reading at all because it hasn’t yet been validated. I agree, it’s an imperfect system but under the regulatory requirements of the energy industry, we believe it’s the best compromise.

All other suppliers accept the customers’ readings - or supply their estimated readings and challenge the customer to update them. These readings are then tightened up now and then by visits from the official meter readers. Anyway… #firstworldproblem :slight_smile:

I do find all this rather odd. I have been advised to submit readings either one day or two days before the statement date in order to avoid any estimated content in the bill; however it is actually system-pot-luck as to whether it will work out that way or not :astonished: I suppose I’ll just have to tolerate four entries randomly appearing in my energy usage page each month.

@willmow @stephen9620 We are continuing to work out improvements for our system so that you won’t have to worry about the gas readings not being validated in time. At the end of the day, we will always do our best to ensure that you’re being billed the right amount of usage.