Meter reading problems 2


I had a smart meter installed on the 15th February from a prepaid E7 meter. I have just received my bill and it shows an opening meter reading of 99865 but when my meter was installed it showed as zero. So i thought my bill would run from zero to 196 (this is the reading for the end of the billing period). I dont understand where this 99865 reading has come from. In the meter readings section it shows the type as being ‘customer’ which is bizarre as i havent given that reading andbi dont know where bulb have got it from. The only thing i can think of is its a way to get more money out out of me. Anybody else had problems with meter readings being changed especially after having a new smart meter installed?

It doesn’t sound good. I was on E7. My smart meter was installed in November and they still can’t get it to work and now they’ve put me on single rate. I only agreed to the installation if I could keep E7. It’s a complete mess. I’m currently waiting for the Ombudsman’s decision on my complaint. (I want a two rate meter putting back if they can’t resolve the issue). Warning to anyone thinking of a smart meter through Bulb, DON’T and for those who say, I’ve got one and never had a problem, that’s not the point, it’s how a company responds when things go wrong, not what they get right.

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Thanks for the reply Dave.
I am the opposite to you, i wanted a single rate which my smart meter was installed as. But they had me down for billing purposes as 2 rates on E7. It only came to light when they billed for 3 days after installing the meter that they had messed up. But how they have changed a meter reading from zero to 999865 is pretty low. No explanation no communication. So yes anybody wanting a smart meter get as much information as possible such as the opening reading and make sure it matches your account. And also get confirmation of the Kwh unit rate as i was never told mine.

I have similar problems with sudden readings that say ‘customer’ and I haven’t given any reading. I have had estimates and then all of a sudden they decide they can read the smart meter, but this was backdated to the same month I had an estimate and also the same month told someone tried to read it but could get in the property. Actually the same day.

Hi @alanhodkin1 :wave:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and for any confusion with the reading. We receive the exchange readings in data flows and are using an opening reading of 0 on 15/02/21.

If there are any other issues, please let us know.


Hi @DaveDB :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve not had a positive experience with Bulb and the smart meters so far. I can see this has now been rebooked but if you have any other questions, please do let us know.