Meter reading problems

My last provider ( Scottish Power) and I had a long standing issue about the order of the 2 numbers on my meter. They insisted my " night" reading showed first , then when I press the button the " day " reading should show.???
However, it seems on your page for entering these 2 numbers that the first reading is for " day", and the second reading for “night”.
I will send you the 2 numbers, but am STILL unsure which way round they SHOULD be !!!
The inconsistency drove me mad , and I cannot understand why this happens !
I do hope I am not going to have a similar headache with this now I am with " bulb" ???

One way of confirming would be to take both meter readings, boil a kettle (as it uses a bit of electricity) and then take the readings again. The one that changed is the “current” one and as long as you take at between 10am and 5pm (when it is unlikely to be ‘night’ no matter what times your meter has and ignores summer time variances), you should have your day rate.

Bulb should be able to let you know what time your day/night cycle is set for to help. It seems odd that Scottish Power says the night reading is the first reading to me (I’ve only had limited experience of Economy 7 meters and the day rate was always the first one).

Thanks, @RichyB :slight_smile: Economy 7 meters are all different, and the space test that Richy is talking about is a great way to solve it and to know for sure. If you could take photos of the reads, and email them to us, we can make the case to Scottish Power and get it sorted once and for all. I agree that it’s more likely that the ‘Day’ read shows first.