Meter reading rejected

I have tried to enter my meter reading on-line and it has been rejected as it is lower than the previous reading. The serial number on the meter matches the serial number shown on my meter reading request from Bulb but the previous reading is 28??? and my current reading is 2405. I believe there has been a mistake made in the previous readings as they may have been estimated according to an old meter reading. My meter was replaced on 20/7/2017 before I signed up with Bulb and the meter was reset to 0000. Have Bulb taken over an incorrect reading from my previous supplier ? How is this going to effect my current bills ? what can I do to get the bills and readings corrected ?


Contact Bulb and they will get it sorted.
Email, Tel or live chat (Mon-Fri)

Hi Equicoltd, we can get this sorted for you, I have emailed you.