Meter Reading Reminder June-2020

I have not had a meter reading reminder due on the 7th June. Has Bulb now stopped sending these out? Has anyone else missed this reminder?

@Ddttbb I can see that you were sent a payment reminder email on 06/06/20. The meter reading reminder is usually included in that - did the email not contain this?

We are still sending them so I’d like to investigate why you didn’t receive one :mag:

No need at the present time. So long as I receive the reminder for July it should all correct itself without problems.

Same here, got the payment reminder, but no meter reading reminder.

Hi @twy49 & @Ddttbb The separate reading reminder will only go out to you by email if it’s coming up to three months since we last received a reading from you. If members are submitting monthly we don’t feel they need a reminder and may even see it as nagging from us :thinking:

Out of interest, do you think it would be helpful to receive the reading reminder monthly, alongside, or as part of the payment reminder?

Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb For me, yes, the reminders are helpful, I don’t regard it as nagging, it just helps me keep the bills on track. :+1:

I have been submitting prompt meter readings until June when I did not receive the prompt causing an estimated bill. This is at odds with your claim that 3 months has to elapse without a reading before you send one. I always get the reading prompt email followed by the calculated bill a couple of days afterwards, and I would like this to continue.


@Ddttbb The payment reminder email should contain a link to submit a reading if you want that bill to be accurate and I can see we sent you this email on 6th June, as normal for your payment cycle.

The separate communication I was referring to is sent out if we’ve not received a reading for a little while specifically to nudge for one. Apologies for any confusion