Meter reading reminders?

I don’t seem to be getting any sort of reminder to take meter readings - which I reeeeally need else I forget and end up not having accurate bills :frowning:

Is there any way to get reminders sent?!


Hi! We send an email each month that contains a reminder to submit meter readings. It is entitled ‘Your monthly payment reminder’ and even includes a helpful link to jump straight to the meter reading submission page. It starts with the Keeping your account shipshape in large writing. We don’t and at the moment can’t send a separate reminder email.

Nick - I agree. I opted in to monthly meter reading reminders through the app. I got the above mentioned ‘payment reminder’ … forgive me Henry, but this is not the same thing, whatever is hidden within the ‘Your monthly payment reminder’ email. I know what and when I’m paying - it’s a set amount in a set date - what I WANT is an email/text/notification monthly reminding me SPECIFICALLY to send a meter reading … turning this ‘on’ within the app gave me every reason to believe that this would be the case. Just had an email with a similarly vague response. All we want is a ‘SUBMIT YOUR METER READING’ reminder … as requested. Thanks.

Add an event to your Apple/Google calendar and set an email notification.

Why does everyone need nannying these days? Take responsibility for your own adult life, you don’t need mummy to keep reminding you.


I haven’t got a copy of the “monthly payment reminder” on my PC but doesn’t it say something like “if you want an accurate bill please submit your meter reading in the next two days”. If so isn’t this clear enough?