Meter Reading Reminders

Why don’t Bulb email/text Reminder for a Meter Reading when it is due? This way, the bill will be very accurate and we, the customers, do not have to rely on memory! My previous energy providers in the past have always sent a reminder approx. a week before the bill is due to go out, to avoid estimations. Bulb could do the same!

I always receive a monthly email reminder. You may want to check Bulb have your correct email address.

Bulb send an email requesting meter readings 3 days before the bill is about to be produced.

Have you checked your spam folder?


I’ve been with Bulb since May and have always had an email reminder a couple of days before my statement, typically the email says:

Your monthly payment reminder

(i.e, in Subject Line)

Keeping your account shipshape

Hi *********,

Just so you know, your monthly payment of £**.00 will come out of your bank account in three days.

If you’d like us to calculate your monthly statement using your actual usage, enter a meter reading in your Bulb Account today or tomorrow. No worries if you can’t, we’ll use an estimated reading instead.