Meter reading request from another company but I have smart meter

Hi, I have had a meter reading request slip from another company posted through my letterbox (I think called Morrison?) but i have a smart meter in situ and it seems to be working normally. I wondered whether the slip is to do with bulb going into administration? Or possibly just a mistake I can ignore? Thanks for any advice.

Bulb use Morrison Data Services to carry out meter readings. It used to be the case that meter readers were required to visit everyone’s property at least once every 2 years. Not sure if this is still the case with smart meters, but Morrison do carry out smart meter readings too. There might also be a safety element to the check.


Ah that could be the answer then. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @erminekin :wave:

So @norman7115 is correct in that we have to read your meter at least once every two years and the company we use is Morrison Data Services (MDS). So there’s nothing to worry about here, and we’re still receiving regular smart readings.

– Meg :bulb: